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Nose Piercing Granuloma Vs Keloid

Essential Tremor  A Kind of Uncontrollable Tremble of The Body
Essential Tremor A Kind of Uncontrollable Tremble of The Body

Nose piercing bump can be an indication of an infection on the piercing site. The bump usually occurs within a few days or months after the procedure is done. If your piercing has developed an infection, make sure that you treat it immediately to avoid developing a scar tissue, which could lead to keloid.

Nose Piercing Bump Causes. It is quite normal for a person to have a bump on the nose after undergoing the piercing procedure. This bump is characterized by a swelling, redness and bleeding or brushing for some weeks before it heals.

" Weird Bump around nose piercing.However a week ago a small bump popped it (it looked a lot like a keloid or a granuloma) but I wasn't too concerned because I thought these are normal and I began to treat it using diluted tea tree oil and lavender oil..

An acquaintance told me 1) it might just go away 2) you might have to remove the piercing and it will go away or 3) you might remove your piercing and it still won't go away so you will have to get it surgically removed or 5) you might have to get it surgically removed, but it might grow back anyways.

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Learn more about this bump both inside and outside of the piercing and their cure as well as insight on keloid, and granuloma. Bump image This piercing is commonly associated with the formation of a bump on your nose.

Nose Piercing Bump Causes: Keloid, Infection, inside, How to Treat, Get Rid , Pictures.. some may be a granuloma. This is a non-cancerous body tissue growth that may develop on your piercing.. The areas around the piercing may also cause scarring that ends up as a bump or keloid. Keloid Nose Piercing. nose piercing keloid.

A granuloma occurs beside a nose piercing due to the body's inflammatory response. What to do? If the bump around a body piercing produces pain, swelling, oozing or a foul odor, you may have an infection.

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